Tree Tables

The original piece of tree furniture, the idea came to me while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay.  I was working on a large tree planting project in my community and just developing an interest in woodworking and thought, 'I like woodworking!  I like trees!  Why don't I make a table in the form of a tree, so that I can enjoy the beauty of nature inside my house?!'  After being assured by my host family that I was crazy, I brought my idea to life using salvaged wood gifted by a neighbor, making my first ever piece of furniture.  The original tree table idea has since expanded to a variety of forms, mirroring the diversity of the natural world.  With each piece I hope to capture a little bit of the beauty of the outside world to be brought and enjoyed indoors.  Perfect as a side-table or coffee-table, these sculptural pieces are true works of functional art.

All pieces are made individually to custom dimensions requested by the client.  Available in black walnut, cherry, and white oak.

Lead time: 4 - 6 weeks.

Please contact for pricing and custom order inquiries.